09 Jul 2021

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire is consistently rated among the top 10 public Midwestern universities and recognized nationally for quality academics and high return on investment. Among our ranks are celebrated scholars and award winners, people who are passionate about their intellectual pursuits, critical thinkers and innovators deeply committed to interacting with and improving the world around us.

Our campus provides a beautiful setting for living and learning. Our faculty and staff provide instruction, inspiration and the kind of challenge that makes an education extraordinary. A century of accomplished Blugolds around the world provides evidence that lives are transformed and meaningful careers are launched right here.

Join the Blugold family

Become a part of a campus that truly cares about you in every way. From the faculty in the classrooms to the staff around campus, when you become a Blugold you become part of the family.

How we achieve the Power of AND

Critical Thinking and Creativity

Essential preparation for 21st-century careers

Courage and Confidence

One-on-one collaboration with faculty and staff

Engagement and Energy

A lifelong passion for active citizenship

Flexibility and Focus

Encouragement and opportunity to explore multiple passions

International and Inclusive

Immersion in different communities and cultures

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