SUNY Plattsburgh is home to a vibrant community of renowned teachers and nationally recognized scholars, dedicated to engaging students and helping them to succeed.

Our students arrive from diverse backgrounds and places. But once enrolled, they have one particularly important thing in common: a college experience with the power to transform their lives.

SUNY Plattsburgh’s remarkable campus culture and environment combine with an exceptionally high quality of teaching to produce success for students.

The Plattsburgh experience challenges students to discover their potential, to seek new intellectual horizons, and to learn skills that can turn dreams into realities. It’s an experience that calls students to explore new ground and reach still greater heights of achievement.

It is this special Plattsburgh experience that makes the College much more than “just another public college.”

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GAC GPA Major Duration Estimated Tution Fees(per year)
2.5 Accounting 3/4 years $16,320
2.5 Anthropology 3/4 years $16,320
2.5 Biochemistry 3/4 years $16,320
2.5 Biomedical Sciences 3/4 years $16,320
2.5 Communication Studies 3/4 years $16,320
2.5 Digital Media Production 3/4 years $16,320
2.5 Entrepreneurship 3/4 years $16,320
2.5 Environmental Science 3/4 years $16,320
2.5 Hospitality Management 3/4 years $16,320
2.5 Management Information Systems 3/4 years $16,320